Unity Demo Projects

Posted by Robin 升升 on December 30, 2017

The Dead Mines

The Dead Mines is a 3d puzzle game where you must navigate a mine and turn off various valves that are leaking gas to the surface.

The game was made by a three person team in three weeks.

My role is gameplay programmer and mostly focused on player controller and visual effect like blur effect.

Election Day

Election Day is an ironic game that player is an election manager and trying to get enough voters to make his candidate be elected. Player needs to answer voters random ridiculous or reasonable questions. Changing voters’ attitude to you and your candidate, making them love you or just bribing them.

The game was made by a tree person team in two weeks.

I mostly worked on the player controller and level design.

Cube Jumper

Cube Jumper is a 3d platformer game that player can move, jump and, most importantly, build cubes attached with environment. At the start of the game, player can only build one cube. All his mission is to solve puzzles, get more cubes and finally get to the highest place.

The game was made by solo in one week.

The level design process.