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Posted by Robin 升升 on May 10, 2018

Video First

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Life is always moving forward without level design.

Ludum Dare

Ludum Dare is an event where you create a game from scratch in a weekend based on a theme. Themes are chosen by the community and revealed at the start of the event.

I was in the Compo group which is Ludum Dare “Hard Mode”. Compo games are created entirely from scratch by one person, in just 48 hours. This is the ultimate test of your game creation skills.

  1. You must work alone (solo).
  2. Your game, all your content (i.e. Art, Music, Sound, etc) must be created in 48 hours.
  3. Source code must be included.


When doing level design for games, I always feel that all player behaviors are only technical, without any emotional or narrative in it. So this time, conbined with the strong emotion genre, I want to create some unique feelings. Based on recent my personal life experience, I want to make a game show the vast possibilities of life.

One thing to mention is that level design in general must after the player ability data, like how far, how high. But this time since the player speed and jump height is dynamic, it’s really hard to design it without tons of playtests.

First Day

Once I decided to make a 3d platformer game, I started working on player controller. Since compo group can’t use any preset, so at first day of the event, I was doing the simple model, riging, animating then writing the code.

After the controller, I felt a little bit tired, so I just started to compose and make the BGM. Believe me, this would make you feel really relaxed and full of energy. I finished the BGM with 9 soundtrack using FL Studio first, then transfered them into FMOD in order to have a fade in effect for every soundtrack based on player speed. This turned out really good.

Then I start to build the tool for level design, the strcture of platform, the relation between each platform. etc. After all these, time to sleep, it’s already 6am.

Second Day

Started with the level design which this time is really hard for me since player speed is dynamic. I can’t get the stats of player which means I have to playtest every platform to make it what I want in order to express my idea.

The original idea is start with 15-year old and end with 70-year old, each year takes 10 seconds. But I felt this would take longer time than I had so I cut the game a lot, sadly.

I post the game pretty early and started to play other’s work. The original idea is to play other’s game and make them play mine, but Bang, the magic games, I started to feel that every game is soooo interesting and creative, couldn’t stop playing them!!!


Unity 2017.3 for the game framework.

Probuilder for the simple model.

Post processing stack for the amazing look of the game.

FMOD for the background music changing according to player’s speed.

Photoshop for texture and other art stuff.

FL Studio for making BGM.


I’m surprised that the results seems not bad. Many thanks to my players.

Also I’m really surprised that the game is featured by Github official.

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